Customising The Page

Published on 19 August, 2022 | Creating Bio Links | 252 views

Customising The Page

Once you have created the BIO link you can start to customize the link page.

The first customization section gives you the ability to customize the page as much as you wish. From using our prebuilt templates to adding your own colors, gradients and images of videos as backgrounds.

Verification if you wish the page to be verified by us please submit a verification request by the support system.

Branding if your plan allows for it you can change the branding on the links pages to your own.

The SEO section allows you to add SEO to help the page rank, you can also block the page from being indexed there.

UTM Parameters here you can add details to track the source of any traffic coming to the page.

In protection, you can protect the pages so that users require a password to access. This can be used for materials that you wish to sell.

For the advanced section you can set an override link called a Leaplink which overrides all links you have set you can also set a project here for the page to be assigned to.

Last updated on: 1 June, 2023